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LAST UPDATE 16-07-2020

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Welcome on the new Ashigaru-Ryu Martial Arts system website. Ashigaru-Ryu is a form of Kyokushin-Budokai. Full Contact Karate / Kickboxing with grappling. The system also has Karate Kata's and Kobujutsu weapons. It's a complete system of RYU. Ashigaru-Ryu the way of the blue koi. Visit our site for more info and news. Soon our 1st book will be complete and free on this website. Ashigaru-Ryu is a Non-Profit group. Osu 

There is nothing new to be found. Ashigaru-Ryu is no new system or style, it's a collection of multiple systems packed together for a complete training and a way of fighting. After many years with the Shidokan, Kenpokai and Kyokushinkai we seperated to find our own way. Osu


The Ashigaru were the foot soldiers of old Japan. Altough recruited first to swell an army's numbers and paid only by loot, the Samurai began to realize their worth, particularly with arquebuses and spears, and well-trained Ashigaru eventully made up a vital part of any Samurai army.